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Blackie Spit
Riparian Enhancement Projects
Blackie Spit Salt Marsh
Blackie Spit

Friends of Semiahmoo Bay Society is working with Surrey Parks and community volunteers in this important and ecologically sensitive site.

Friends committed stewardship to this site in 2002 and work completed includes removal of creosote logs and introduced invasive plants such as English cork elm trees, Scotch broom, tansy and Daphne lauraea. Planting native trees, shrubs and herbaceous coastal perennials continues annually to enhance habitat for wildlife and salmon.


In 2009 Friends conducted a forage fish spawning habitat enhancement east of the Savenye Meadow by placing 24 tons of spawning gravel and planting 750 trees and shrubs. This site is under heavy duress from human disturbance and the invasion of English cork elm.


Friends conducts a weekly bird survey and the public are welcome to participate.


Volunteers are needed for invasive plant species removal, planting and ongoing beach cleanups.

Little Campbell River and Estuary

Friends of Semiahmoo Bay is currently working with Surrey Engineering, Parks, A Rocha, the Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club and the Semiahmoo First Nation to increase habitat values in the watershed and river.


The Little Campbell Estuary project began in 2001 with a community ‘Celebrating Partnerships’ project with the support and advisement of grand Chief Bernard Charles (deceased). Over 100 volunteers planted the banks of the Little Campbell River Estuary with 1387 native plants covering approximately 3000 m2 of riparian estuarine habitat. Site preparation included over 55 hours of machine work to place over 855 yards of composted green waste; the replacement of 800' of water service line & the moving of a dozen concrete barriers. Friends of Semiahmoo Bay Society received an Honourable Mention by the BC Landscapers and Nursery Association Awards Committee in 2001. Interpretive signage was later installed and focuses on First Nation and site history, habitat and wildlife and the riparian enhancement project.


Friends is also committed to the Little Campbell River and has conducted numerous native plantings, invasive removals and debris cleanups in the riparian corridor in both Surrey and Langley with community volunteers. Within the Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club property, Friends has also partnered with A Rocha and Surrey Engineering with numerous invasive removals and plantings to enhance the riparian forest. An ephemeral pond / species at risk project was completed in 2013 that coho have found to spawn in. Volunteers continue to enhance this area monthly with plantings and invasive removals. Friends has developed and installed 120 habitat, wildlife and native plant interpretive signs along the forest trail; new signage is developed as needed to further environmental awareness. The lower forest trail along the main stem of the Little Campbell River has been developed by the SF&GC for special needs access and walking safety.


In September of 2018, we are very grateful to 21 Semiahmoo Secondary students who volunteered to paint the long-awaited Nature Mural adjacent to the ephemeral pond project with our support. The mural enhances the experience of school children who visit the property on ‘salmon in the classroom’ field trips.


A Rocha, the Little Campbell Watershed Society, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, City of Surrey SHaRP, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, BC Nature and BC Naturalists Foundation and the Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club and Little Campbell Hatchery provided crucial support for this project site.


We are currently working on enhancement of seepage areas along the riparian corridor to increase biodiversity along the river. Volunteers are needed for the monthly work parties.

Little Campbell River
Native Plant Demonstration Gardens

White Rock Native Plant Demonstration Garden


Friends began this project in 2003 with community volunteers, City of White Rock Parks and the White Rock Museum to raise awareness about the importance of coastal native plants for wildlife and for the services they provide. Friends developed and installed plant botanical signs and colourful interpretive signage in 2012. Ongoing vandalism has required community volunteers to replace signs and plants.

Currently, our volunteers participate in garden work parties monthly from March through October. Volunteers are needed.

White Rock Native Plant Garden
Surrey Parks 

Friends of Semiahmoo Bay Society was invited by the Dart’s Hill Garden Conservancy Trust Society to collaborate on the development of a Native Plant Demonstration Garden the Garden Park, one of the City of Surrey’s Parks. Friends volunteers developed a garden plan and species list and in 2014 with A Rocha, Dart’s Hill and South Surrey Garden Club volunteers and City of Surrey Parks staff, 30 volunteers installed 100 trees, shrubs, ferns and 200 herbaceous plants & wildflowers and placed 4 cubic yards of top soil in the new garden area. Dart’s Hill Garden volunteers are developing the plant botanical signs and interpretive signage is planned. We continue to enhance the demonstration garden and natural loop trail with monthly work parties.


Volunteers are needed.

Darts Hill Garden Park
Darts Hill
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