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Subscription terms: FOSBS does not share your contact information with anyone. We are committed to not 'spamming' you with numerous emails. Typically, we only send out periodic messages (up to about once per month) related to events or volunteer opportunities. You can unsubscribe anytime at the click of a button on any email.

*Please understand that there may be a delay between your inquiry and receiving a response! As a volunteer-based non-profit, we do not have hired office staff.

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Greater Yellowlegs photo by Marg Cuthbert

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Phone: please contact us by email

*Please note, we are a volunteer-based non-profit society located in White Rock, British Columbia Canada. We do not pay administrative staff and rely solely on volunteers to coordinate and lead our projects! While we endeavour to return all messages & check regularly, it may take us a week or so to get back to you. If you do not receive a reply, please try again. We value your interest!

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