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Get involved with the Invasive Green Crab Project!

3 Step Process:

1. Visit our Calendar for trapping dates

2. Download and complete the Waiver Form

3. Email us the form (

IMPORTANT Info for IEGC Surveys/Trapping field sessions:


Please download, complete, sign and email the waiver form to before joining us on an Invasive Green Crab trapping field session.


  • Please fill in all fields in the form and sign before sending it. Please be sure to include the date(s) and location(s) of the field sessions you would like to join.

  • When we receive the completed form, we will send you an email with confirmation of your RSVP indicating if there is still space for volunteers on the date you've chosen. We'll also share important information regarding where to meet and what to wear/how to be prepared for a day in the field.

  • If there is space, you will be given details including name of team lead, confirmation of the date, time and specific location where you will meet the volunteer team lead. Please add this information to your calendar and join your team lead at that location on the specified date/time.

    • ​If there is no space left on the date/location you have chosen, please check the calendar and sign up for another date/location! We hope we're able to get you involved in this project now or in future.

    • Please note that due to COVID19 restrictions, we are limiting volunteers to a max of 4 per field session in order to maintain adequate physical distancing.

  • NOTE: While your team lead will receive a copy of your form with contact details in case they need to reach you (i.e. due to a cancellation or other issue), they will not necessarily be in touch prior to the trapping date.​​

Should you have any questions, please email 
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