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  • kapoho17

Naturalist Lynn Pollard in 360°!

I've long wanted to clone our longtime dedicated naturalist Lynn Pollard. Lynn has a special way of connecting us with nature and has brought his love of the outdoors to thousands of school children and community members over the years. I had the pleasure of teaching with Lynn many years ago and have been fortunate to learn from him. Last year, with a colleague from UBC (Sharon Hu), I was able to 'capture' Lynn on film in 360° as he helped place us in the ecosystem of the Pacific Spirit forest at UBC. I hope to capture him again at the beach someday soon!

View the video in Youtube - Scroll around as you hear the sounds of the forest and are soothed by Lynn's meditation on our 'place' in the forest. (For an even more immersive results, use your smart phone and pop it into a pair of google cardboard goggles!)


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