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Map your Earth Day efforts!

It's Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Time of Year Again!

We usually host a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in April but due to Covid-19 restrictions in participant numbers. we are unable to hold a group cleanup this spring. Instead, we’d like to encourage everyone in joining us to hold your own solo or small team/family/bubble cleanups any time during the month of April!

To make this a safe, fun and visual way to stay connected, we’ve set up our own online map where we can all share our cleanup stories and we invite you to join us there anytime this Spring or even Summer!

  1. Get started by doing your own clean-up and be sure to estimate the weight of the trash you collect. Make a note of this, the location and maybe take a photo or two.

  2. Go to our MAP, click 'add map location' and fill in the short form, upload an image and press Submit.

While on your cleanup, be sure to dress for the weather and follow all safety instructions available on the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup website.

*To help you get organized and learn more about getting involved with your own small team cleanup, please visit the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup website for instructions for the solo, household or small team cleanup checklist. Once you’ve done your cleanup, don’t forget to submit your data to Interested in learning more, the GCSC website is a wealth of info and has some cool visuals including a data map of trash!


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