Conservation Tips & Etiquette

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Birding & Nature Viewing Etiquette – remember you are a visitor in the habitat of birds and other wildlife

  • Be respectful.
  • Be very quiet, you’ll have more success in seeing wildlife and wildlife will be less stressed by your presence.
  • Stay on trails so you don’t trample native plants or the nests of ground nesting birds.
  • Please do not feed the birds; birds can become dependent on people. Your food is not bird food, especially bread which can make birds very sick and attract rats.
  • Never allow your dog off leash where birds or wildlife are present. Your dog is a natural predator and can cause wildlife, life-threatening stress.
  • Always pick up your dog’s feces to keep the environment clean and healthy for others.
  • Never get too close to roosting owls or use a flash to photograph them.
  • When viewing birds or taking photographs, never trespass on private property unless you are invited by the property owner.
  • Keep your cat indoors, lovable kitty instinctively kills birds and small mammals. Domestic cats are responsible for the death of billions of songbirds each year in North America. For more information, check out:
  • Remember to pack out what you take in, leave only footprints!

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